Style of a company and site

Style of a company and site   It is difficult to overestimate advantages of use in corporate style business. Especially it concerns advancements of any goods and services, including company web site. More low we will consider elements of a corporate style and we will define their appointment, a role and a place in advancement of your business in a network the Internet.

 So, elements of a corporate style of a web site can be:

  • Logotype
  • Brandname colours
  • Brandname slogan
  • Brandname character

   Logotype - the very first and a corporate style basic element. The logo or a trade mark is a graphic representation of essence of the company. It can consist of a symbol (sign) and-or the full name of the company and-or an abbreviation, executed by a special, unique tracing. The logo should draw attention, make positive impression and remain for ever in memory. That is why it has crucial importance and necessarily should be present on a created site.

    Brandname colours - too one of the major elements of a corporate style. Basically, firm can be and one colour. But more often their two or three. As a rule, they leave colour of a logo or underline it and serve as auxiliary "tool" for recognition and identification of your company.

    Brandname slogan is a short, clear and expressive phrase conveying meaning of activity of the company or its basic value. The slogan serves as the "mentally-sound" identifier of the company.

    Brandname  character. Even more then hundred years ago, the large companies-manufacturers have realised that it is possible to create one, unique character, to patent it and to "charge" to the virtual hero presentation of the goods in all advertising companies. The firm character can be the good assistant in formation at the public of the positive relation to your company. The successful, positive character will cause in people liking to personally, and at the same time and to production which it presents.
    Our designers are ready to develop a corporate style for your company, corresponding to a direction and level of your business. Work on design of a corporate style includes creation of several variants of sketches. The variant of design chosen by you will be finished and given in electronic form.
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