Redesign - new level of your site

Redesign - new level of your site    All flows, all changes … Internet technologies develop very quickly, throughput of communication channels increases, there is more powerful a hardware, there are new software products and accordingly requirements to functionality and design of created web sites increase. And here already the firms, which else have been satisfied recently by the qualitative party of the Internet resources, today really realise necessity of their perfection.
    Even though we should understand that under “perfection” I mean not correcting any mistakes or prices for goods because of lower dollar rate, but we meen definite changing the way of creation and visual design of the site, based on the system of management for content. As the HTML was firstly proected for Internet as text, therefore the methods of the visual decoration of the site are also presented in the kind of textual information – the numbers of background colours and symbols on pages, names of pictures, sizes of used types.
   When Java- and flash-technologies appeared the textual presence of the visual information loses it’s importance for creating sites, but it’s still used for more correct and more full indexation (reading) of pages by the executive programmes of searching systems, so it’s necessary for promotion of the site. The system of management for content is based on this main principle, it allows to use the elements of Java- and flash-technologies for visual decoration – the effects for menu, advertising banners, screensavers, animations, but at the same time it saves the first variant of pages in HTML-code, that makes it clear for searching systems.
    In addition, we should point out that it’s very easy to change the interior view of the site’s pages – for creating photo-galleries, portfolio, video-galleries. You don’t need to be programmer, you shouldn’t change the code – all this is made in particular parts (materials) of the site on the level of difficulty of mordern MS Word.
   It exists some additions for CMS, which allowed, for example, to use different graphical headings for sites depends on page, which the user wants to look through or appearing the chosen picture which will appear on definite pages – all this could be realised with 3-5 clicks!
   You may get more information about modern trends of sitebuilding and functional possibilities of modern Internet-resources in Advantages CMS Joomla!
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