What is SEO and for what it is necessary?

What is SEO and for what it is necessary?  The most widespread way of a finding of the information in a network the Internet are search systems. It follows from this that if at inquiry on specificity of your activity the site takes positions in search system not on first three pages and your services cannot find you, and accordingly will get nothing. To solve this problem it is intended SEO or search optimisation of a site.

What can search optimisation give to you?

  • Selection and definition of keywords
  • Target audience definition
  • Understanding of the purposes and desires of potential clients,
  • Change of the maintenance of a site under inquiries of visitors.

At continuous work on optimisation of a site and the brand promotion which initial stage can last nearby 2-3 months, attendance of your site considerably increases, it starts to rise on the top positions by target search inquiries in search systems.

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