Advertisements in the WWW

Advertisements in the WWW   Every day the Internet advertising is becoming more and more more popularly. It’s uniqueness and interest considered as your advertisements see only those users of a network the Internet which enter the inquiry corresponding to your offer into a search line. Advertising on the Internet is profitable, as allows to define a circle of your potential clients as much as possible precisely. Such parametres, as geography of display of advertisements, display time (day, night hours), and the demographic data are considered even. Also advertising in a network allows to trace quantity of transitions on keywords platforms with which has been carried out transition and the sum spent for each thematic inquiry.

   Banner advertising - placing of the dynamic advertising images containing the reference to your web site, on the resources of a network having high attendance and corresponding to subjects of your services. Banners are the powerful tool advertising. Using banner advertising, you receive unique possibility not only to involve target visitors on the site, but also also to raise recognition of the brand.

   Contextual advertising in search systems is a text advertising which takes places in search systems (Google, Yandex, Begun, Bigmir, Rambler, Aport etc.) on the right or from above before the basic search, at inquiry ??????????? information. Contextual advertising the same as also search advancement of a site, it is adhered to certain keywords and consequently provides a site only with target audience.
Contextual advertising is convenient that you have possibility to place the announcement in search system and to receive the first clients already today. In contextual advertising there is a possibility independently to define the price of each transition of the user for your site, and from this price will be the position of placing of your announcement among other similar depends.

    Information dispatch on electronic bulletin boards. This service can be used not only for site advancement in a network the Internet, but also as an independent kind of advertising. Dispatch of announcements allows to extend in short terms the information on you, your services or the goods on the thematic portals devoted to purchase and sale. Announcements take places only in thematic sections. For such kind of advertising as information dispatch on electronic bulletin boards, it is not obligatory to have the site in a network the Internet. Quite enough contact phone, the address or an e-mail that the interested user could contact you.

     Cost of any of the specified kinds of advertising in a network the Internet is defined individually, depending on a kind of activity of your company, competition level in the given subjects and the list of advertising platforms on which it will be exhibited.
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