How to save the domain?
How to save the domain?   If you register the domain only the created site it for you has only one value - that price which for it have paid. But if you developed the project in a current of long time then its domain name for you will mean something more, it will be a part of authority of firm which promotes the further prosperity of the enterprise and its advancement in the market. Despite it there is a real danger to lose the "the virtual property" if not to adhere below the resulted rules:
  • Necessarily make the list of your domain names and registrars corresponding to them and passwords/logins (the last should be stored in appropriate way).
  • Do not rely on a reminder of the registrar on the termination of period of validity of the domain, contact it before when re-registration time will approach.
  • If you have to transfer the domain, do it before term of its registration has expired.
  • Be convinced that in a database whois the information about the registed who entered truly and updated. Try to use a reliable e-mail in contacts of the registrar.
  •  If the domain of your site is untwisted enough also roads to you try to register the domain more than for one year - less probabilities to forget about a re-registration.
  • Use service of automatic prolongation of the domain, offered by the registrar.
  • Try to register domains of the sites independently or through checked up resellers - after all this yours “virtual property”, and you pay for it money.
  • Park the not used domains. Then you will know about their traffic or learn about "failures" in it which can speak about problems with the domain or DNS. You also can receive additional means from a parking and advertising PPC (a payment for cliques) in the form of money from your not used domains.
  •  Try not to register ugly or long domains that after which registration not to regret that have made it.
  • Take an interest in an estimation of experts in the field of the Internet about what domains can be unpromising in the future, visit forums on these subjects.
  • Do not register domains which break in the most scandalous image well-known trade marks (TM). Lawyers of these proprietors TM with pleasure will select at you this domain or will force to remove it. To avoid it, before definition of a name of the domain check bases ?? or search systems.
  • Do not register domains in the forbidden zones in which you have no right them to register or in which their registration can get under doubt, for
  • Always check whois your just registered domain - registrars not always do all correctly and sometimes are mistaken, therefore you will have a chance to correct it at once.
  •  Prefer using resellers, accredited ICANN, instead of doubtful and newly made.
  •  Check up a security policy of the registrar. Pretend to be that have lost a login and the password for an input in the account and ask to send them on an e-mail. Near or not skilled registrars can give you such information without any checks and other red tape. It may end in such situation that someone will have a possibility to crack your account at the registrar.
  • Necessarily attentively read special conditions of contracts (are printed by small print; usually it is a question of terms, restriction and freedom and responsibility differentiation, etc.). The situation when to you expose the account in $200 for carrying over or $30 for the question decision on your domain by means of UDRP (The Uniform Domain Names Dispute Resolution Policy - the Uniform policy of the resolution of disputes, the domains connected with names on the Internet the Agreement offered JPNIC can take place, has been approved in 1999 and has come into force in October 2000).
  • Necessarily read reviews of registrars at the forums devoted to domain names - pay attention to repeating complaints to certain registrars.
  • Use different passwords for access to your accounts, thus try not to use in them Cyrillics signs is will help to avoid problems with the various coding.
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