What kind of sites could be ?

What kind of sites could be ?   So, you wish to make a useful, beautiful and convenient site. And what kinds of sites exist?
   At the present stage of development of web technologies there are some directions, allowing to realise a problem on creation of a site for firm.
  On the first place there are the sites created on the basis of server language PHP and  control systems by contents CMS. Their basic advantages are convenience and simplicity in use, multifunctionality (forums, portals, shops, blogs, etc.), reduction of volumes of the information thanks to databases and many other things. They can lose on appearance and cost to static HTML-sites and flash - to sites a little, but the last do not maintain any competition at their administration in the subsequent. Therefore, if the site which you could operate freely is necessary for you is an ideal decision for any business problem.

   The second place on prevalence is occupied with static HTML-sites which are classical sites since the basis of a network the Internet. Because of individual creation of each page and low cost of manufacturing they are in demand and now, and suit creation of starting sites-cut-aways in volume in some pages for small firms and private businessmen.

   The third place is occupied with the sites created with use flash- and java-technologies. These platforms are used, as a rule, for creation of the entertainment and visualised sites containing a considerable quantity of visual effects and superficially resembling computer games. They are badly indexed by search systems and are especially exacting to throughput of networks and technical possibilities of computers of users. To make any changes or additions to such sites without attraction of the developer it is almost impossible. Due to the effectiveness and staginess these technologies lately become more and more extended that quite approaches for creation of promo-sites under a concrete product.

   Also it is necessary to notice that there are resources which all technologists listed above in various parities can bear in themselves is depends on wishes of the customer and qualification of developers.


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