Is it possible to create a site for a day?
Is it possible to create a site for a day?  Do not trust those who promises to you to create a normal site for one-two days, it is no more than advertising dodge to involve the client on the territory.
  You should realise that is difficult enough and laborious work from two parties - from the Customer (thus he should understand that he wants), and from outside the Executor (which should penetrate into problems and wishes of the client, not to mention purely technical questions on site filling), and therefore it cannot be spent to "sprint" terms.

   Already fact of that two parties will participate in the project at least should push you as the Customer, on thought that process of the coordination of all aspects of creation of a site will take place, and it will cause expenses on time for preparation of necessary materials by experts of your firm (after all who as not they, should know and understand in the best way specificity of sales of services of the firm), and agree, time also is necessary for the Executor on that all it to analyse, understand and correctly to display the given information on a site. The situation with very fast (I would tell - emergency) Internet resource creation can be justified only in one case - if it is necessary for you to have URGENTLY a site-cut-away to any important event (for example, participation in an exhibition, and about a site in this turmoil all have forgotten), and this work it is possible to charge that to experts with whom you already worked also which know your specificity and have initial materials (logos, texts, prices, etc.). The situation will take place Otherwise, in which it will be a shame to give to your potential clients the reference to a site, as it will work more on a firm anti-advertising (and accordingly - on competitors), than on its promotion. Give itself the frank answer is to you it is necessary?
    One more possible situation on site creation can be connected with very fast execution of works as that to you offer project preparation under other Customer, which for any reasons has not taken place (but where a guarantee of what the design and specificity will coincide?) . It reminds frequent cases from practice of opening of small shops when in a stream of infinite coordination and expenses the future owner loses sight of a usual signboard on a shop facade without which not shop and when tomorrow it is necessary to open and he recollects shop it - frequently does not remain neither money, nor time. And then he urgently calls on publicity agents and rushes in that which will promise all to make «in the best possible way, for 2 days and for $2 ». The outcome of a similar situation on 90 % is predetermined - the Customer will receive the signboard with delay and excuses on the shortage of time hastily made or altered from any not claimed … Then findings-out of the relations, the spoilt nerves, and as a rule, alteration of all anew, but in other firm, for other money and in other terms will follow. Give itself the frank answer is to you it is necessary?
   Your future site, despite the ostensibly availability in creation (after all do all of them - both students of HIGH SCHOOLS, and designers, and managers) and virtuality of presence at the Internet, should bear initially in itself the certain and carefully prepared information for potential clients, differently it is waste of time and money.
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