How much does it cost to creat a site?

How much does it cost to creat a site?    The price of creation of a site is defined proceeding from quantity of spent time for creation of a site, its functionality and complexity of the used technologies. As a rule the price fluctuates from $500 and above. The site price can exceed specified several times, but only in case of creation of difficult multilevel program complexes, Internet shops, difficult catalogues, forums, portals, and so on.
This sum is resulted only that you knew about cost of creation of a site on a control system, some variants of a site-cut-away can sometimes cost and to $300 - any cost depends on tasks in view. You should not be guided especially by the specified sums precisely because site cost really depends on following factors:

  • Requirements and wishes to design in consistency in "corporate" style of the company;
  • Existence of initial materials on a content and design, or their absence;
  • Volume of a site in the form of quantity of the text and graphic information;
  • Presence of the hosting (place volume under a site on a server, program requirements to a hosting)
  • Presence of the registered domain
  • Dates of performance.

    The site final price is defined, proceeding from the existing amount of works, after discussion of tasks in view and terms. Site cost can be really lowered in case of additional increase in terms, or is increased in case of their reduction. For more operative definition of cost of working out of a site it is recommended to contact us by phone +38(097)493-61-15 or to send the demand for calculation of cost of manufacturing of a site from the feedback form - Contact
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