General stages of creation of a site

stages of creation of a site  Site creation passes under the certain scheme defined first of all by specificity of the given direction of an information technology. Let's consider the most general stages.


Concept development.

   It is defined, which site is necessary for your company (a site-cut-away, a business site, corporate, a portal or a forum, Internet shop, etc.), in how many will manage working out of such site, whether it is necessary to register the domain and to order a hosting, how many it is necessary for time for working out and site creation.

Choice of the name of a site and domain registration.

  Many domain names are already occupied by other companies which request for them considerable money. Therefore remembered (or the companies corresponding to the name) names can appear for you inaccessible. In this case it is necessary to choose the name on accord, and to be guided by criterion of easy storing of the address. The name of a site and its domain name not necessarily should coincide, though their identity usually consider as the positive factor (in details about it it is possible to read in article Cost of domains registration )

 Choice of the executor.

  Speech can go about working out of a site by forces of own experts of your company or attraction of foreign executors (web studios), or in a combination of these methods. For example, often enough the design is developed by the external expert, and the content (contents) is prepared in the company. At a choice of the foreign executor it makes sense to be guided by its works, the received recommendations, speed of performance and cost of offered services. If you intend to update and administer independently a site, we recommend to you to create a site on the basis of a control system of content CMS Joomla!, c which help your experts then can easily make necessary updatings and additions on the created site, and also in the long term to develop its functionality.
Site creation (including design and a content).
After discussion of wishes of the customer some decisions on design of a site, its conformity to a corporate style are considered. Here much depends on tastes and financial possibilities of the Customer. By content preparation (the information maintenance of a site) it is necessary to be guided by unique materials, including in texts keywords necessary for search.

Testing of the pilot version of a site.

  At this stage we establish the created site on the local computer at the customer at office that its employees could define possible discrepancies, subtract texts, check up convenience of navigation etc. Before its carrying over on a real hosting. It is desirable to involve some end users in this process.

 Site start.

  This finishing operation includes physical carrying over of files, catalogues and bases of the created site on a given hosting and, as a rule, demands several hours. If the customer has a hosting (in case of redesign of already existing site), the extra time on the coordination of a program part of a site and a server can be demanded.

Site promotion.

  To create a site is much easier, than to make its visited and really effective. Therefore it is desirable for experts who have real experience and representation about methods of work of search systems and optimisation of Internet resources to be engaged in site promotion.

   It is important to understand one - process of promotion of a site should be to constants (especially important it on site start) and it has not instant, but gradual and memory result.
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