Role of the WWW in business

Role of the WWW in business     It is difficult to overestimate value of a network the Internet for modern business presently. In the conditions of a difficult economic situation presence of properly organised Internet resource (a site of firm, a corporate portal, a forum, Internet shop, etc.) can bring the invaluable contribution to competitive struggle for a commodity market and promotion of the goods and services.

   On the other hand, in a network now it is a lot of sites which have been earlier created as a tribute to the general fashion - «at all is - let and at me will be!», thus the accurate understanding of appointment of the given business tool at the moment of creation of a site at owners of these resources was not, therefore they have appeared in a consequence forgotten and unnecessary the owners, and as a rule, rendered them more likely a negative effect because of the neglect.

   Besides still the negative relation to a network the Internet at heads of the senior generation which has been caused partly by necessity to be retrained to new technologies and no-purpose use of a network by younger employees of firms - games, pornosites, various social portals on interests (Schoolmates, In contact, etc.) takes place Which not only selected working hours of employees, but also consumed traffic for which these firms paid. One more of fundamental problems - complexity of administration of a site: to make any changes in materials of a static HTML-site, it was necessary to address to its developers or to employ the corresponding expert that conducted to additional expenses.
    But all changes - there were the reliable control systems of sites CMS allowing easily to operate information contents of resources. Now telephone and the providers-companies have started to update the lines and to lay new (fibre-optical), to establish new digital automatic telephone exchanges that in turn positively influences granting of Internet-services. They are urged on also by a competition from outside mobile operators and firms who give access to a network through mobile phones and USB-modems, cost and reliability of such channels to become all more qualitatively - the future in mass access to resources the Internet will be behind wireless connection. I dare to assume that in the near future the Internet becomes so mass that without attraction of its possibilities it will be impossible to realise the decision of any serious business projects. At creation of a site of firm its subjects should be analysed, organised carefully structurally, to create and establish on a server - on it your work with a site only begins (if do not want, that he has recruited ranks of those thrown sites about which it was told earlier) - it is necessary to advance and develop the resource that search cars and clients requiring your services could find it. Only in this situation spent for creation of a site of means will start to bring a positive payment in a coin box of development of your business. The site for business promotion can be compared to the locomotive - it is inert enough (at the initial stage for "starting" demands the appendix of certain efforts and an investment of means) but if you managed to "disperse" it properly after that it long time can move forward your business to become the basic communication medium with partners and clients, and to make the profit incommensurable to means enclosed in it.
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