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About our project

  The present economic situation gave an idea to create such a direction - the general recession of business activity of the enterprises and as consequence has pushed, optimisation of their account side - on this way have decided to go and we.
   Thus the similar situation, as a rule, is endured by small firms with a small overhead charge for business maintenance - at them less inertia is easier, there is no superfluous management layer - actually at work with us you directly communicate with the executor, to us to react to the created situation easier - to employ only necessary experts, instead of the whole departments or firms.
   On the first place at this conjuncture again there was an economy of means - on rent of premises, a wages, advertising and advancement of the goods, etc. But absolutely from advancement of the goods (services) and advertising of kinds of activity to the enterprise to refuse it is impossible loss of the won positions and loss in competitive struggle for commodity markets (it is especially important if the firm is not so long ago in the market, and yet has not occupied a certain economic niche). Therefore real alternative of advancement of the services and the goods in the market in the given conditions is the Internet with its boundless possibilities due to it’s globality that makes it less influenced by the deep crisis phenomena. From personal experience I can give an example, when average cost of rent in city line of one publicity board per month is equivalent to cost of creation of the Internet site of average degree of complexity which is incommensurable with the informativeness and functionality to the poster on a publicity board and it will work more than one month, and at least year - even with the account of payment of registration of the domain and a hosting for this sum.

What can you receive from cooperation with us?

•    Possibility of complex service in all directions of activity (design, registration of domains, a hosting, optimisation and advancement of sites)
•    Flexible prices, stage-by-stage payment, discounts to constant clients
•    Free consulting support at any moment
•    Predictability of result
•    Services in remote administration (support) of your sites

 Main principles of our work:

•    We Create not simple sites, and tools for development of your business
•    We Penetrate into a subject domain of the Customer and we try to gain the best result without paying attention on time
•    Consulting is an integral part of any project
•    We Solve tasks in view qualitatively and in time
•    It is thought over and put in each project the possibility of it’s development further due to a modern control system of a site
•    We Consider site start in operation by the intermediate stage of our cooperation and are ready to perform works on the further support and development of your project professionally.

     For us the scale of your project is not important, we concern each of them with a proper attention. We will study requirements of your business and we will offer the optimum web decision, whether it be a corporate site from several pages, a serious web portal or Internet shop which should function normally at great volumes of the information.

  Our advantages:

•    We do not have overhead charge for the maintenance of office, staff etc. Therefore, the price for our services - below market.
•    We can work with you on distance - questions we solve by phone or e-mail, without spending your precious time for trips, and in case of need we can agree about a meeting - our expert will come to you or  to your office (across Kharkov).
•    We also free of charge advise concerning creation, a hosting, optimisation and promotion of your site.
•    ?Preliminary analysis of your existing site and optimisation again created by us is made free of charge.
•    Advance payment makes 50 % of cost of the project and you pay it only after the coordination of volume of made work and the design statement - the rest is when the site starts working in a network.
•    we will find find new, non-standard decisions of tasks ifor your business. As a rule, only new ideas and decisions deduce the companies in leaders of the market.

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