What is the contents managment system?

Contents management system Joomla   CMS (Content Management System) is a control system of a site thanks to which you can create new pages and even the whole sections operates filling of all pages places the new information on a site without having special knowledge in programming and imposition. The sites created by means of CMS, are called as operated or dynamic. Now working out of web sites is in most cases conducted on the basis of control systems, and on that is some the powerful reasons:

  • For change existing and creations of new pages, sections it is not necessary to address in studio which created a site
  • Fill pages with a new content any employee of the company having the user skills of work on the computer can, the control system interface is similar to the interface of programs of MS family 
  • The ?virtual space occupied with a site on a hosting-server, decreases in tens times at the expense of storage of the information with use of databasesConvenient management of site structure, catalogues and galleries, all is reduced to several cliques by the mouse for which you load necessary photos, insert the text and choose page registration
  • Conducting statistics of attendance of a site and viewing of pages
  • Using  META-tags and keywords through the convenient interface
  • Automatic creation of a sitemap for visitors and search cars
  • Created pages are initially optimised for complex promotion of a site
  • The control system approaches for any site irrespective of its complexity, for a binding to CMS any design of a web site will approach.
  • Errors of a binding by references of pages/materials, usual for static sites are excluded
    At a choice of a control system for web site working out it is necessary to consider a number of the most important parametres: convenience of use (usability), quality, functionality and safety.

   Usability is a term which defines degree of convenience of use of a control system. The system should be calculated on the people having average skills of work with office applications and in a network the Internet, and to have intuitively clear interface. To define, this or that is how much convenient CMS, it is necessary to try to fill a site with the hands.
   Quality of a used control system of a site is defined by its speed and quantity of the possible errors arising in the course of its work. If CMS it is not optimised and errors and low speed of opening of required pages are not debugged, possible that, as a rule, leads to leaving of the visitor from a site. To be convinced of speed and quality it is necessary to work a little with the test version of a control system and to look the sites already constructed on these CMS.
    Functionality of system depends exclusively on requirements of the Customer. There are some standard variants and set of additional modules which will be if necessary connected to an operating control system of your site more often.
    Safety plays very important role in site work. Its basic problem is not to admit strangers to a control system that nobody could change or take the information stored in a database. For this purpose, as a rule, it is necessary or to learn a login and the password of the manager of system, or to load on a host with files of a site the program which can help to find passwords, or a database.

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