CMS Joomla! and it’s possibilities

CMS Joomla! and it’s possibilities We create sites for you on the basis of the most widespread in the world of a control system of a content CMS Joomla! and consequently we wish to pay your attention to its possibilities and advantages before other similar systems. CMS Joomla! is a free control system of contents (CMS) with the open initial code, allowing quickly to develop dynamical web sites, Internet communities, media portals, blogs and electronic trading systems.

CMS Joomla! possesses the convenient interface allowing with ease to operate in great volumes of the information, whether it be HTML, documents or multimedia. This system is applied in the organisations of different levels to creation both popular Internet sites, and internal Intranets-portals. Joomla! is supported and develops forces of community from tens thousand users worldwide.

After deep reorganisation of structure, Joomla! has turned in CMS new generation. Not important, your experience in web-technologies, by means of Joomla! is how much rich! You can deduce your Internet resources on new qualitative level. After all now it is more than simply "a control system of contents". New API allows to create the decisions which possibilities are limited only by your imagination. After all number of loadings Joomla! from a site of developers for a long time already it is estimated in millions! It is an unprecedented indicator of level of popularity among systems of a similar class. In the new version was not only the program skeleton of system is processed and the user interface is improved, but, the most important thing, has been realised high-grade API for professional developers of PHP-appendices.
If you only have started to understand web technologies for certain will find in Joomla! The simple and reliable decision of the majority of problems arising in your work. It perfectly approaches as for creation of small sites, type of homepages or sites of the small companies, and for modern portals of corporate level or Internet communities. Functionals of any site is possible to expand almost beyond all bounds.
From all pluses of system, possibly, that fact that Joomla! is key! It is free. It extends under licence GNU/General Public License v 2.0. At introduction of paid, commercial systems the user, as a rule, gets to dependence on the separate, closed working out and is compelled to spend considerable means in need of change or addition of any function. At use of the free, program platforms opened for foreign developers, the user always will have a choice from several commercial or free alternative decisions.
Joomla! in many respects differs from the majority of control systems of contents. It is simple in development as it was developed counting on users with the minimum knowledge in programming. Therefore practically everyone can develop it at own discretion. Joomla! it is initially intended for work in a complex with other free systems with an open initial code, such, as PHP, MySQL and Apache.
Joomla! it is very simple in installation, it is convenient in management and it is reliable in work. For its use a profound knowledge in HTML is not necessary.

The basic possibilities Joomla!:

•    Use of a database for contents storage.
•    Possibility of adjustment of structure of a site under certain kinds of contents: News, Reviews, Descriptions of Production and other.
•    Possibility to add new functions and modules on a site.
•    Possibility of change by that of visual registration of a site.
•    Possibility of any arrangement on pages of positions for a conclusion of the modules displaying the certain information.
•    Possibility of management of users, appointments of level of access as it and the rights to viewing of those or materials.
•    Possibility of change of languages on which elements of management of a site are displayed.
•    Work Possibility on servers under control of various operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris, and AIX.

Other possibilities Joomla!:

•    Management of a site through special "Control panel".
•    Site Management in system parametres (parametres ????, time zone and other).
•    Storage of media files of various types, including: PNG, PDF, DOC, XLS, GIF, JPEG and management of them through special the Media manager.
•    Loading of media files on a server directly from a browser.
•    Management of the menu and their separate points.
•    Possibility of placing of modules on all or only on certain pages.
•    TheMechanism of a binding of a relative way to images stored in system.
•    Moving and copying of materials of a site between sections.
•    TheVisual editor of the text similar with desktop office systems.
•    Possibility of creation of materials not only managers, but also visitors of a site.
•    ThePreview of edited materials before their publication on a site.
•    Adjustment of an order of a conclusion of materials for pages.
•    Adjusted templates of configuration of elements of materials on a site.
•    Conducting ratings of materials.
•    Sending of the reference to a material by mail.
•    Creation of the "facilitated" variants of pages, for the press.
•    Archive of materials of a site.
•    Management of advertising banners with possibility of calculation of number of the ordered and perfect displays.
•    Possibility of display of the news lines exported by other sites.
•    Management of the contact information of users.
•    Carrying out of votings and interrogations of users.
•    System of search in site materials.
•    Management of references to "useful" sites.
•    Way Display to the given page on a site.
•    Possibility of an insert of a foreign HTML-code (for example, counters).
•    Support of export of news lines from a site.
•    Possibility of display of casually chosen material.
•    Possibility of display of the most popular and newest materials.
•    Display of the materials connected with the flowing.
•    Possibility of embedding of pages of foreign sites in a central region of page of the given site.
•    Possibility of authorisation of users through accounting records OpenID, LDAP or GMail.
•    Masking of e-mail addresses.
•    Illumination of the program code published in materials.
•    Support SEF (that is "beautiful") type references
•    Possibility of dispatch of mass and personal messages.
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