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      Studio Web-siter carries out working out and creation of sites on the basis of control system  Joomla! (CMS), web-design of web sites, registration of domain names (domains of sites)  and granting of a hosting of a site (placing on a server), and also SEO and advancement of sites. At work with us you directly communicate with the executor, to us to solve the problems put by you easier - to employ only necessary experts, instead of the whole firms or departments that finally reduces cost of given services not to the detriment of their quality and terms.
     The information on modern lines of creation of sites for your business, terms and manufacturing cost, is given in section Creation of web sites.
    We could not ignore a web-design theme - one of corner concepts at creation of any site. How much it is important, what should be, its role in perception of the created site as a whole and to what requirements should correspond - about it can read in section Design of web sites. Here you can learn about Redesign - carrying over lost an urgency and static HTML-sites inappropriate to modern requirements of a control system in control system  Joomla!.
    Very much an important point at the present stage sitebuilding is use for administration (support) of sites of so-called CMS - Control systems of a content (or a site - a variant for Russian) which features of use, and also their advantages and possibility are described in section CMS.
    Services and their cost on registration of domain names of sites and a hosting (placing) can find in section the Domains and hosting.
    In section SEO (search optimisation or site promotion) you can learn about the basic actions at advancement of sites depending on the purposes defined by you and problems.
     To learn it is more about us and advantages of cooperation with us you can, having chosen point of the menu About us. If you have any questions or offers, you can always contact us in the way convenient to you through point of the menu Contact

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Role of the WWW in business

Role of the WWW in business     It is difficult to overestimate value of a network the Internet for modern business presently. In the conditions of a difficult economic situation presence of properly organised Internet resource (a site of firm, a corporate portal, a forum, Internet shop, etc.) can bring the invaluable contribution to competitive struggle for a commodity market and promotion of the goods and services.

   On the other hand, in a network now it is a lot of sites which have been earlier created as a tribute to the general fashion - «at all is - let and at me will be!», thus the accurate understanding of appointment of the given business tool at the moment of creation of a site at owners of these resources was not, therefore they have appeared in a consequence forgotten and unnecessary the owners, and as a rule, rendered them more likely a negative effect because of the neglect.

CMS Joomla! and it’s possibilities

CMS Joomla! and it’s possibilities We create sites for you on the basis of the most widespread in the world of a control system of a content CMS Joomla! and consequently we wish to pay your attention to its possibilities and advantages before other similar systems. CMS Joomla! is a free control system of contents (CMS) with the open initial code, allowing quickly to develop dynamical web sites, Internet communities, media portals, blogs and electronic trading systems.

CMS Joomla! possesses the convenient interface allowing with ease to operate in great volumes of the information, whether it be HTML, documents or multimedia. This system is applied in the organisations of different levels to creation both popular Internet sites, and internal Intranets-portals. Joomla! is supported and develops forces of community from tens thousand users worldwide.

After deep reorganisation of structure, Joomla! has turned in CMS new generation. Not important, your experience in web-technologies, by means of Joomla! is how much rich! You can deduce your Internet resources on new qualitative level. After all now it is more than simply "a control system of contents". New API allows to create the decisions which possibilities are limited only by your imagination. After all number of loadings Joomla! from a site of developers for a long time already it is estimated in millions! It is an unprecedented indicator of level of popularity among systems of a similar class. In the new version was not only the program skeleton of system is processed and the user interface is improved, but, the most important thing, has been realised high-grade API for professional developers of PHP-appendices.
If you only have started to understand web technologies for certain will find in Joomla! The simple and reliable decision of the majority of problems arising in your work. It perfectly approaches as for creation of small sites, type of homepages or sites of the small companies, and for modern portals of corporate level or Internet communities. Functionals of any site is possible to expand almost beyond all bounds.
From all pluses of system, possibly, that fact that Joomla! is key! It is free. It extends under licence GNU/General Public License v 2.0. At introduction of paid, commercial systems the user, as a rule, gets to dependence on the separate, closed working out and is compelled to spend considerable means in need of change or addition of any function. At use of the free, program platforms opened for foreign developers, the user always will have a choice from several commercial or free alternative decisions.
Joomla! in many respects differs from the majority of control systems of contents. It is simple in development as it was developed counting on users with the minimum knowledge in programming. Therefore practically everyone can develop it at own discretion. Joomla! it is initially intended for work in a complex with other free systems with an open initial code, such, as PHP, MySQL and Apache.
Joomla! it is very simple in installation, it is convenient in management and it is reliable in work. For its use a profound knowledge in HTML is not necessary.

Is it possible to create a site for a day?
Is it possible to create a site for a day?  Do not trust those who promises to you to create a normal site for one-two days, it is no more than advertising dodge to involve the client on the territory.
  You should realise that is difficult enough and laborious work from two parties - from the Customer (thus he should understand that he wants), and from outside the Executor (which should penetrate into problems and wishes of the client, not to mention purely technical questions on site filling), and therefore it cannot be spent to "sprint" terms.
Advantages CMS Joomla!

Advantages CMS Joomla!   If you or your firm creates the first web site we urgently recommend to read article «What kind of sites could be?» - at least it will help to avoid standard errors and to understand that direction in which it is necessary to make the further actions. All complexity for the Customer consists that he in 70 % of situations does not understand (or does not know) what means the web studio will realise a problem on site creation. As a rule, the image main or several pages of a site with the traced elements of navigation is given to the client - and on these beautiful pictures the Customer makes the decision on start of working out of a site, and on the principle of functioning it learns only after the first attempts independently to make any changes to a material of already existing site. In no way we do not wish to reduce value of design of a site - this moment plays large role in perception its visitors, but the design is a visible part of an iceberg, and convenience of support and the further development of the Internet resource by its proprietors plays, as a rule, solving influence on duration of its existence in the Worldnet. For this reason now in a network the Internet is a lot of sites which were never updated from the moment of their start - and you very seriously should think to system on which basis your new site that it has not filled up number of such "dead" web resources will be created. If there is a necessity often to change site contents, to enter news, the prices, vacancies, the offer - usually resort to the help of the web master that increases expenses on the site maintenance. And it is necessary if still to change time or more in a week - then maintenance of a site to you will manage very-very expensively. Therefore we wish to pay your attention to advantages of creation of sites on the basis of control systems of a content, and in particular on the basis of free CMS Joomla!, and on that is some the powerful reasons:
•    For creation of new pages and sections it is not necessary to address in web studio which created a site;
•    site control system will allow you to change any information on a site through a usual browser, without special programs and from any computer with Internet connection.
•    Fill pages with a new content any employee of the company having the user skills of work on the computer can, the control system interface is similar to interfaces of programs of family MS;
•    virtual space occupied with a site on a hosting-server, decreases in tens times at the expense of database use;
•    Convenient management of site structure, catalogues and galleries, all is reduced to several cliques by the mouse for which you load necessary photos, insert the text and choose page registration;
•    Conducting statistics of attendance of a site and viewing of pages;
•    Possibility to organise the access to management of site contents to various users with division into groups (for example. In directions of activity or departments) and access levels to functionality (information addition, start in the publication, editing etc.)
•    Using META-tags the description and keywords through the convenient interface;
•    Automatic creation of a sitemap for visitors and search cars;
•    Created pages are initially optimised for complex promotion of a site;
•    Control system CMS Joomla! Approaches for any site irrespective of its complexity, for carrying over on a control system any design of a web site will approach.

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